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The forest canopy may seem out of reach to some, but it is not; it is totally accessible, and the links below have all the information needed for people of all abilities to walk through, hang from, sleep in, and climb around the top of the forest. Note to lawyers: just because a site is listed here does not infer an endorsement.

Canopy Towers and Walkways

Canopy Walkway, Sacha Lodge, Ecuador.
Canopy Walkway, Sacha Lodge, Ecuador.

The Canopy Walk, Sacha Lodge, Ecuador:

Canopy Lodge and Tower, Panama:

Canopy Tower, Pico Bonito Lodge, Honduras:

Dlinza Canopy Boardwalk, South Africa:

Kendeda Canopy Walk, Atlanta, Georgia:

Murch Canopy Walk, Kirtland, Ohio:


Canopy excursions

Expedition Old Growth:

Pacific Tree Climbing Institute

Tropical Tree Climbing, Amazon Brazil:


Suppliers of tree climbing equipment

Arbortools Hong Kong –

Honey Brothers Arborist Equipment –


New Tribe –

SherrillTree –

TreeStuff –

Treetools –

Treeworker –

WesSpur Tree Equipment –


Arborist trade publications

Arborist News (ISA publication)

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) monthly magazine


National, international, and on-line climbing affiliations

Climbing –

European Tree Worker –

International Canopy Network –

International Society of Arboriculture –

Tree Care Industry Association –

Tree Climbing Japan –

Victorian Tree Climbing Organization –


Tree climber training

ArborMaster –

Cornell Tree Climbing Institute –

National Tree Climbing Program –

North American Training Solutions –

Tree Climbers International –

Tree Climbing Planet –

Arborculture Canada –

Ascension Group NW –


Books and documents

Review of rope-based methods for the forest canopy.  2015, by Anderson, Koomjian, French, Altenhoff, and Luce.  This pdf is the essential guide to tree climbing safety.  Anderson et al. 2015 – MEE Rope-based access methods

Glocal Canopy Handbook – An excellent source on canopy access methods.

Tree Climbers Companion – If you need a single guide for tree climbing, this is it.


Conservation and education in the forest canopy

Ascending the Giants –

Explore Trees –

International Canopy Network (ICAN) –

Emergent Tree Works –

Old-Growth Forest Network –

The Native Tree Society –


Forest canopy research

Osa Ears – Real Time Rain Forest Sound, Costa Rica:

more coming soon



Treeverse –

Oregon Tree Care –


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