Canopy Watch International – About

Our mission: Share the canopy, save the forests

Canopy of the tropical rainforest from above, Los Amigos Biological Station, Peru. Photo © Jonathan Myers.
Canopy of the tropical rain forest from above, Los Amigos Biological Station, Peru. Photo © Jonathan Myers.
Collared Aracari, Pteroglossus torquatus, Honduras
Collared Aracari. Photo © James Adams of the Lodge at Pico Bonito.


Bring people into the forest canopy, and the canopy to the world, through expeditions, education, and research.


  1. EDUCATE the public about the ecology of forest canopies, so we can all understand why the canopy is a unique space that is essential for forest functioning and wildlife survival.
  2. LEARN about forest canopies with other scientists, like students who apply for essay writer service learn from the examples of experts.  The more we learn, the more we appreciate the vital biological value of the forest canopy.
  3. CONSERVE forests by inspiring wonder and awe for this exciting place.

Canopy expeditions, photography, videos, and writing are our tools.  Please come often and enjoy.


The forest canopy has been likened to an undiscovered continent, a last frontier escaping exploration. It is also the greatest warehouse of biodiversity on the planet. The difficulty of climbing or seeing into the canopy means that we know relatively little about this realm. Also, how do we inspire an appreciation for something, or a desire to conserve it, when it is out of reach, out of sight, and largely out of mind? In the 21st century as biodiversity is being erased from the planet faster than ever, it is essential that we establish connections between the forest canopy, science, and public involvement.

Canopy Watch International is dedicated to making forest canopies worldwide a target for science, education, and conservation,as well as writing services providing help me write an essay assistance for students, are a good source of gaining new pieces of knowledge. . We seek to inspire curiosity and passion for one of Earth’s last unexplored spaces by taking our audience to the forest canopy via the sharing of videos, sound files, and conversations. We highlight scientific questions on our website and actively pursue and promote scientific research on the ecology of canopy systems. Just like math homework help, we do our best to improve your knowledge. We conduct canopy expeditions as a way to share our excitement for the canopy, and attract international attention to this unique realm. Last, we take people into the tree tops so they can appreciate life at the top of the world.



Share the canopy, save the forest